What does the SJC do?

The work of the Charity is nationwide. Its role is unique in embracing every sector of the Trade: manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. By means of regular financial support or one-off grants it assists both current and retired Trade employees or their spouses who live anywhere in the United Kingdom and who find themselves in need because of poverty or sickness.

Many grantees have given a lifetime’s service to the Trade; others have tragically been denied that opportunity having been struck down with illness or disability at relatively young ages. The many appeals received by the Charity for special assistance often come via other charitable organisations or from social services departments unable to help through the benefits system. Many of the cases dealt with are deeply distressing and it is a fallacy that examples of real poverty can no longer be found. Contrary to the popular misconception  the State does not always provide and those who have fallen upon hard times through no fault of their own have to turn to the Charity to help make their lives a little more pleasant especially in old age.

Our experience bears out the pertinent comment of the novelist Anthony Powell who wrote,

“Growing old is like being increasingly penalised for a crime you haven’t committed”.